Friday, June 26, 2009

I still can't believe it. RIP.

I still cannot believe it.

Today is a very sad, sad day in my world.
Today, the world has lost the king of pop.

RIP Michael Joseph Jackson
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009}

Today, I put on my MJ records and celebrated the life of the man I love.
Today, he will join all the greats, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon.

We will never forget you.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Far far away. Away from you

Seven days. I am honestly getting so excited, I cannot wait.

I have been packing for so many months, but no I really got to get myself to work because there is so much packing to do in seven days that it’s just insane. So much to do, so little time.
In seven days I will be enjoying a day in Auckland, I can not wait, I have never been to New Zealand but no many friends who have and they say it is wonderful and in eight days I will be in LA, enjoying summer, the sun and the Hollywood lights.

Lately I have been running around like a moron for the past few weeks collecting and gathering stuff that I will probably need for the next few months. it has been such a long time, for these past few months I have only thought about myself and it felt so good, I didn’t care where you were, what you were doing or who you were with. I didn’t count down the days since I last saw you, or how you smiled when I would say something really stupid I didn’t care, until last night.

It took me a really long time to fall asleep, I listen to my ipod so loud to block my thoughts out. I guess those four hours in bed had to make up for the last six months. I missed new years eve, your birthday and a couple of months ago when on a Sunday night you were at the exact same bar. I am so glad I missed you, because I wouldn’t have at least tried to move on from you if you were still apart of my life.

Things are really hard, I know. and one day, I hope you know too.

My book is crazy and it is doing wonderful. I am going to miss the late night writing while I am away, but I have an empty book and a pen to keep me company and creative on long flights far away.

just wanted you to know. i miss you. very much but i miss her, even more.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Osession + Crazy-nice

It was my sister’s birthday on Saturday. We sang to the Beatles, ate really good cake and then spent the whole night staying up around the dining table talking to four of our friends.

It was good just to sit, laugh and eat and just feel relaxed. I feel these past couple of months having been nothing but hectic and now since there is 22 days left until I go on “tour” I guess there is nothing really left to do but relax.

So there is 22 days before I go to the U.S and I am super excited. I am getting my stuff together and running around like a little chicken. Things are good and better things are coming. I know when I get back I am going to have to work really hard but I am prepared and can not wait to get started on this trip.

I have been away from blog-land for a bit but that’s because I can barely get a moment just to catch up.
I have been very sick for the past couple of days, I feel like my head is pounding against a wall made of bricks and there is nothing to stop it feeling like that. Today, I was really low so I thought I’d freshen up by cleaning my room and watching a corny Disney movie by the name of Highshool Musical.

Things are good and they just keep getting better although I am sick. I have been getting work done on my book though not as much as I would like too, but I’ve got a lot on my plate right now so I guess I am doing fine for now.

I am happy, though I will never be fully satisfied. I know this because there are bigger and better things to set my goal as rather than just settling with what I get or accomplish. Sometimes I will look back wondering what would have happened if I just took that right turn. And sometime I would not care. We both are here, though you weren’t the one who ended up hurt. I know maybe one day I will look back and wont feel a thing or maybe when I look back I will still be hurting. But maybe I just won’t look back.

One day we will meet our match and I believe every girl deserves a nice guy that is crazy for her. We all deserve a crazy nice guy.

22 days to go!!!