Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just a little update coz im a little anti social

It has been an incredible journey. I am back, safe and happy. I am even happier that I have a computer beside me at all times now that if I need something to write down. Overseas was hard when I was in my creative mood, it also put a hold to my book which I was sad about but the trip was amazing in everyway possible. My heart broke when we had to leave New York; it is the one place I feel I belong. I was really young when I first went there but I remember saying that if there was a place big enough for me that it would be NY. And now that I went back as an adult those feelings couldn’t be any stronger. I was sick and it was cold and raining while I was in NY and although that kind of put a very gross mood to things, I couldn’t have been happier being there. I loved it soooo much. Just being on Broadway took my breath away.
Vegas took my heart away. That place is just rad, old, young, wise and immature. There is something there for everyone.
And London, wow. If there was a place I could just subside apart from NY, it be London for sure. Amazing. Rad. Awesome.

My new saying is ARA, which stands for Amzing. Rad. Awesome.
I love it. It brings the dork out of me,

Also my book is doing amzing, I have changed it a lot in some ways. Some new characters have come to stay in my heart and the plot is changed in a way too. I guess I am now basing it on my world trip, but there is still some of my original book in it.
I am in love with what I am doing, every night I go to bed tried and my eyes so sore from the computer but it is an addiction that I love, hopefully I will be a published author sometime next year. And I am hoping it is soon.

“He inspires me, although he doesn’t know I exist, I think I love him, he brings the best and the worst out from me, and although I cant help that, I don’t care, I just want him around.”