Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Down and UPdate

Cannot speak long, I have to get back to get my butt to work. I only have ten mins: go!

I have been so busy for the last couple of weeks that I haven’t had any time for myself. Been watching a whole lotta movies at my bro’s house. He was away for the week and I got to stay at his and raid his DVD sets. So fun.
I watched Marley and Me for the third time this year and still could not stop crying, that movie is ultra sad.

I got my suitcase out and I am getting ready to start packing. I am getting so excited about this trip, I have dreamt about this for so long and now in a month, I am going.
It is super exciting.

I just wanted to say it sucks when you’re the only one whose heart hurts. It has been such a long time since I have seen your face, but it still haunts me and follows my thoughts. I don’t need you, I just need to be strong, and that’s all.

Last night I watched a Disney movie, and it reminded me about a time in my life where I still believed all people were good and nice to each other. Where everyone was happy and where love still lived in everyone’s heart.
Last night as I watched this movie, I believed that and I still do.

I went to my cousin’s house and decided it was time to take out all the old home videos and watch them. Five years ago I was a completely different girl, I would have never of thought I would turn into this person today. I am so glad I did. Evolving emotionally and physically is truly gratifying

I have worked on my book every night for the last two weeks, I am so proud of this and happy about where it is heading. This is truly rewarding. I am yet to read it to someone. Hopefully my sister is willing to soon.

It had been so hectic here at Kikki Headquarters but as soon as I can just a moment to myself, I’ll keep you up to date.

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kurtsbean said...

You capitalized "up" for emphasis. Sweet.

Side note: Read me your book. I miss your voice.