Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where the City meets the Sea

I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath in the last eight days. This wedding has been the biggest wedding by far that I have ever been too, so many dinners and so much dancing.

I caught the bouquet that the bride over her shoulder and also the week before the wedding I won best toilet paper bride. It looks like there is a pattern emerging. As the bride and groom walked down the isle, I wondered if I would have a big family wedding like this one, or if I was going to have a small ceremony with only my closest family and friends, or if I was going to elope or something like that. As I get older I see my future changing. I always wanted to get married really young and be a young mother, but now marriage and kids feel like they can wait another ten years before I even consider them. I know, ok I don’t even have a boyfriend, but I would like to focus on my career and my future before I start thinking about someone else’s

My girl Alex left Thursday. She caught the 10am flight to Sydney and although it has only been four days since I last saw her, I already miss her. When you spend morning till the next morning, everyday for two weeks with one person, you adapt to them. I think I have adapted to Alex and her ways a bit too much coz now I find myself doing something things she use to do. Hopefully I will get to see her soon though.

I just wanted to wish my Mama a very, very happy mother’s day. Today we spent the day at the zoo and then on our way home drove into the city for a little detour. Today was wonderful. I actually got up-close and personal with a friend of mine who I named Kenny the Kangaroo. He came up to me when I wasn’t expecting it and we had a little chat, he stayed only for ten minutes and then bounced along to somewhere else.

I like being busy. My life since I can remember has always been full-on. I like it, I am not that girl who can stand in a quiet room and not talk. I always have to have noise around me. I like laughter and talking, maybe that’s why we were so different. I always had to have the attention. I love the attention, I don’t care if I make a fool of myself in public, I like entertaining people. I like making funny faces and being a dork. I like laughing so much that my belly starts to hurt. If there is a quiet room, I am automatically the first person to break the ice. I like being this way, and if you don’t I am sorry. That’s why I want to be in New York, it’s because not only do I belong there but for everyday I wake up in that city, I will never feel out of place.

Although I love noise and a hectic lifestyle, there is only one place I love to sit and think and watch the sun go down. I haven’t been to this place in so long but I recently visited this place and it put my mind to ease. I had realised how much I loved and miss this. I use to go walking every Wednesday night and watch the sunset but lately time has got hold of me.

happy mothers day. Spoil your Mamma's and love her with all your hearts and remember to tell her that she is loved every single day!

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