Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three boys you should know about

Today, whilst I was at work, I heard a beautiful voice on the radio. It sent shives down my spine and gave me Goosebumps from my fingers to my toes. I knew who it was from the moment he sang the first word, even before he started to sing, I knew who it was from the moment the drums hit the first beat, and from the moment the bass and guitar plucked the first strings, trust me, I knew who it was.

I put your records on repeat. it makes me think of all things in my life, and what i am greatful for. and you my boys, i am greatful for.

My three boys. I can not wait until I see you on stage. Until I see you live and in reality. September feels like forever ago. When will I see you? I need a rollercoaster. Now.

I will sleep with you. I will dream of you. I will hear your voices and see your faces, I will sing with you, in my sleep.

I love you now and forever. You are the reason my life is filled with hope. You got me through the past, and I will count on you to get me through the future. I need you to get me through the future.

Peace. Love. Rock and Roll. Roll And Rockabilly.

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