Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Heart Is Where The City Is,

Yesterday was a long day.
I finally decided that after work that I would go on a date. So I spent a little cold Friday night in the little hot city of mine.

I actually didnt have a camera on me, but i found these. i think they were from last year, coz it is exactly the same. it is prettier in reality. photos dont do it justice.

Let me tell you, after feeling like I was hit by a bus all day at work yesterday, last night was what I really needed. The city was high, hot and hectic and since it was Christmas everything, was lit up and sparkling.
I had a blast in the city, it made me want to skip, jump and yell for joy, there was music blasting from every corner, at some point during the night it felt like it was a dream, there was a huge orchestra and choir in the centre, and it felt like one of those old movies that people fall in love with.

I honestly love Christmas, the feeling that I got made my stomach fill up with butterflies.
The air, the lights and the people, it made me realise how lucky I am to live in this city, or in this country, every one is so nice and super friendly. Though I do love this city to bits, and it will ALWAYS be home to me, there is another city that has been calling my name out for a while: I am so excited that I will be visiting it soon, but I am crossing my fingers that someday in the near future I could call that city home too, there waiting for me will be a little apartment in little Manhattan where I could spend my little white Christmas. **cross fingers**

"this is where i belong"

Today, I thought I would take a less hectic way of approaching things. So I woke up, had a very unhealthy breakfast and then went to Hilary’s boat harbour, where I caught up with a good friend who is a close cousin of mine, and ate some good wedges. The sun was shining, and I felt fine.

In news, I am playing around with the idea of adopting a puppy, me and my bro thought I would be a good idea coz, his dog Ty, sometimes gets lonely, and because Ty will be moving in with me soon, I thought it would be a good idea too.

Since the passing of my puppy in 06, I haven’t really had a proper pet in a while, Tyson is my brothers and Jana is my sisters, which leaves Bella, who was my sisters but then gave to me when my puppy passed away to make me feel better. Although she is mine, and I love her so much, I never really got to see her grow up since I was living miles away, and I didn’t get the chance to participate in her life. So it would be nice that I can actually do that again, and now that I am older, I get to be in charge of everything from naming it to vet fees. It will be nice for a little joyous pup to be called mine.

I might be looking into some dance classes, just for fun, but see where it may take me. i get goosebumps when ever i see someone dance. i love it, and i wish i could do the same.

Tonight is a Saturday night and I am not out. I can not be bothered. I am sooo tired that I am just going to be watching Save the Last dance, all night.

Also, something has been on my mind since the last day of 2007, it hasn’t gone away and I am getting sick of “observing” it coz, I too have a life of my own. Just wish that one day it will wake up and realise that I am here. Though I am getting sick of it, I don’t really want it to go away.

So it is back to my veggies and my glass of water, I thought it would be good for me to even out the unhealthy breakfast I had this morning for a nice healthy dinner.

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