Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a little update since i am anti social.

I had the pleasure of helping out at the Lucky Triple Sixxx Launch on Saturday the 6th. Just wanted to say that the whole launch was AMAZING. Honesty, it turned out to be an awesome night, more than I expected. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves which was a plus.
We were at the Rocket Room for a while, the label got heaps of exposure and everyone seemed to be digging the designs. It was such a killer time.
After RR we thought we hit Black Betty’s to celebrate. The Band at Betty’s actually threw some shirts out to the crowd. Everyone went nuts for them. It was such a cool feeling to see that.

I want to say a BIG thankyou to the staff at RR and BB for their kindness. The night wouldn’t be what it was without you guys
also thanks to the bands at RR and BB for their support. And thanks for the killer music.I loved helping out it was such an awesome experience.

Who knows, sometime soon I may even have my own line out??
Just for Kix, anyone? Ha

In other news, I got some sleep, I feel good but tired, and was also back to work on Tuesday due to a back injury but am still good.

My Daddy is back in town, he told me not to stress so much, sometimes, i cannot help it, but he told me to relax, have a break and take a deep breath. and to my suprise. it helped. love you dad

Saving up for big things. I am so excited. Miss Christmas is around the corner and Mr New Year is to follow. i am sooooooooooooo excited. Speaking of Xmas and Nye, i will be celebrating them with friends, family and my sister and that will be cool considering I have not spent a Christmas nor new year with her in such a lonnnnng time because she works too much.

Also I have been playing around with the idea for next years new year.....I might want to celebrate it in New York. It would be soooo cool. I might be going to Europe in early January 2010 anyway, so before then, I might just stop by NYC to say hello and welcome the New Year. I know I am going to NY in July 09 but I just want to have a white Christmas and how cool would it be: NYE in NYC???
But that is just an idea that is floating in my head…

Speaking of July 09, still not booked yet, but I have a feeling that it will be soon which is great. Can’t wait. NYC, LA, MEMPHIS, VEGAS, LONDON, PARIS, ROME, VENICE, MACEDONIA?

And in other news….I had a fun Saturday night in a while. I got to have dinner with family that I haven’t seen in a while, then I went out and caught up with old friends, while listening to good music.

A BEST good and long friend of mine, known as Halle, actually wrote this about me on her MySpace page:

One day a pretty little tripper child will sweep me off of my feet; we'll live above the highest of clouds and argue over the silliest things. I think I may have found her.

That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard, and it has turned my heart all shades of pink.

I love you so much my dear girl. And I promise you that we will live above the highest of clouds and argue over the silliest things, forever. We will live forever. And even though forever does not exist, I know in our hearts it does.

Mr Clause, this is a note for you: although my best friend is falling for you, or has already fell. I can not tell you enough, she is a loving and beautiful human being that you will ever meet. She will make you laugh when you are sad. She will cry with you when you cannot be happy, but she will laugh with you when you are. She is amazing, and I suspect, that you will treat her like the gold that she is.

She deserves to be happy, and she is that when she is around you.

love love love.
thats all you need!

speaking of love, 30th, i cannot wait. a year. make any sence? nope.

i better go to bed. i have work work and work to do tomorrow. wish me luck, and give me love.

Well, that’s all folks!

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