Monday, March 9, 2009


I love Blink-182
I love pink cupcakes
I love dancing
I love writing
I love vampires {Twilight and Angel}
I love books
I love Marlow, Will and Johnny
I love winter but I like summer
I love TGA, ATL, PATD, MC, PM,
I love Jason M
I love bulldogs, French bulldogs and miniature bulldogs and Boxers Offcourse!.
I absolutely love Tyson and Jana
I love love love Sir Paul
I love Jack
I love Johnny greenwood
I love Halle
I love Keltie
I Love freddos
I love love love love love LOVE: Andy, Chris and Scott. Totally.
I love love

Today was good: I spent some time in my city and then decided to borrow a book for my library. I love books, I love reading. I just started reading REVOLVER: The secret history of the Beatles. So far it is awesome, I love reading about musicians autobiographies: they’re really entertaining.

My uncle is coming on the 17th from Europe for my cousins wedding; I have not seen him since 04 and am really excited to catch up on everything.

I have school tomorrow, too cool.

I love life. It’s great!

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kurtsbean said...

Isn't life just too fantastic?