Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm on my way.

Last night I was at a twenty-first, got changed three times until I found the perfect outfit. Yesterday I twisted my hair in little circles and bobby pinned them tightly, I actually fell asleep and when I woke up, my hair was in tight little curls, it actually looked like one of those hair do’s from the 1940s. So cute, but unfortunately it fell out after an hour, so I just put a flower in my hair so it would look like natural curls. So disappointing.

Today I woke up with a headache; friends came over and then booked my Vegas hotels. Staying in three hotels in Vegas, there were so many so we could only pick three. It is so exciting; now all I have left is LA, Disneyland, Memphis, NYC, London and Rome.
We are not staying in Paris anymore; we are just going to catch the train from London there and back for a day trip. So so cool.

I was suppose to have gone to the Rock-It festival today, my bouncer {that’s my brother’s nickname} got me a backstage pass, even though I did not have any tickets, but unfortunately I slept in way too long, then had work to do such as booking and things, and this headache that I have doesn’t necessarily makes me want to go out. Any way today I got a lot done, slept, booked and also had a chance to catch up on my shows.

Speaking of shows, Greek has ended which I am absolutely distraught about, for the past year Thursday nights with Greek were the best. Dammit.
I am addicted to Angel {the other half of Buffy the Vampire Slayer} but I can say this with any doubt that Angel is way cooler and better than Buffy. Totally.
SYTYCD Aust was amazing tonight; Danny and Kat, Charlie and Penny were amazing. I was so, so sad to see Chanelle go ;ast week; she was one of my faves.

Things in life are good; it’s nice to focus on myself and not on anyone else. I am jobless but happy. I am going to school to study something that I really love and I am going on a life changing trip in July, so I can say: life is really good.
I told my sister one of my dreams is to have a white Christmas in NYC, then she told me that maybe we can go to NY after my 21st next year. So exciting, we might be in NY for Christmas and Vegas for NYE, which brings me to my next point, if I don’t get to see the Rockettes this year, there is always next year!

So I have managed to block you out of my life for now and it has been good, I have not thought about you for a while, until now.
Don’t invade my life, I beg you. You stay in my head for sunset to the early hours of the morning, wondering and hoping, I have read all the blogs I have wrote about you and seriously this thing has gone enough. This has gone on for a year and three months. I have not seen you for 3 months, and because I am counting it is making me feel real pathetic. Please help me and just stop invading my life with your loveliness. I don’t think I can be that strong to do it on my own.

Yesterday was a good day; I had my two year anniversary for being Vegetarian. It is so exciting. My sister bought me a mug with a beautiful saying on it. “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” I love collecting mugs with sayings, it’s totally my new hobby but I only get them if a significant thing has happened in my life, I only have two so far, the other one is from my nineteenth that says Dance, Love, Sing, live. And it has little captions below each of the words.
I am so proud of myself for these past two years, honestly when I was trying to make a healthier choice for myself and a better choice for animals, I got looked down upon. It is hard growing up in a European family; they are meat eaters and always will be. When I told my mother about my decision she looked at me like I was insane. I got handed three hundred dollars {when I was broke and jobless} just to eat a steak, I handed back the money and didn’t eat the steak, because I knew I would never be able to trust myself again. Also money is pointless to me; I’d rather be doing something good and be happy.
I can say that my family have learnt to live with it, although they don’t like it, I am glad they accept it, plus it gives my mum a chance to make amazing veggie recipes,

Hears to two years of struggle and happiness. Help us help them. GO VEGGIE!
Here’s something to get your motivated, be like Paul and help save babe.

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kurtsbean said...

I'm on my way?
Have you been listening to B.K?

I am happy for my Kiki.
I also just stroked the pictures of Sir Paul.
And also.
I can't remember anything.
And also.
I should stop typing.
And also.
I love you. <3