Thursday, March 5, 2009

She's dancing fancy pirouettes

"Doctor Doctor give me the news, I got a bad case of loving you"

Just found out my brother was with Coldplay when they were here last Saturday, he was hanging with them at a club. As I have said, my bro is a bouncer and all of his friends are bouncers so he has connections. He told me if he knew I liked Coldplay so much he would have called me. I told him “Bro, offcourse I like Coldplay, I bought a freakin’ ticket!”
He laughed.

If you have probably realised, I have deleted some of my old posts, only the ones that have no point and have no place in my new chapter of my life, it is called moving on. I have kept most of them though, to remind me what I have gone through such as feelings, thoughts and things I have done but forgot about. It’s good to be reminded.

I actually just realised I deleted the update of Soundwave, as I said in the last post {that I accidentally deleted} it was Amazing. So much hype throughout the whole day, I actually can’t remember a moment where I was thinking ‘Damn this is boring’
This has been my second year of Soundwave, and it was as brilliant as last years. I can not wait for next years.
Bring on SOUNDWAVE O10

I am back in my old ways, in my good old ways. Listening to ATL, love them, but I love him more. His name is Jack. He plays guitar, is funny and dorkish, has nice hair and a hot body, he is my new obsession. I totally lovelovelove HIM.

Oh diet coke, I can not seem to get enough of you. Diet Coke, best friend or worst enemy?

I just saw a wonderful piece of Swan Lake called Pas De Deux, it was amazing, the way the “swan” bends her body like that is just brilliant, it is also enchanting; your eyes follow her every step as she moves and gracefully pirouettes alongside her “prince”. Just So Amazing.

Speaking of dancing: On the first week of July, I might get to see my dancer girl, Ms Colleen do her stuff along with Ms B {Scary Spice} in the awesome new show called PEEPSHOW, it is so exciting, also might even get to see the Rockettes next season. “Cross Fingers” and on the last week of July I will be in NYC and broadway-ing it all week. I can not wait to see all the plays and musicals. It is going to be my wonderland.

I saw my neighbours doggie today, ever since I moved in, I have been hearing a barking from their backyard, I always imagined a small petite puppy with white long fur and a pink collar. So imagine my surprise when I met a little miniature bulldog. I didn’t get to find its name out because I was playing with it so much. I love miniature bulldogs, French bulldogs, any type of bulldog really. I much rather have this dog as a neighbour than a white long furred puppy with a pink collar with the name of FIFI.

Here is a Love-A- Bull.

I found her on the Internet and I'm going to call her Zulu, a mix betweent Zuzu and Lulu. Excellent.


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kurtsbean said...

Sweetest puppy in the land!