Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just, Maybe. Baby

I am wishing on all the stars in the sky that maybe that some one like you who lives in the same little city as I do could actually feel the same way about me as I do about you.
One day, when I will move to New York, you will be left behind with the people I love, maybe then you will realise that I was waiting for you, and no matter where on this earth I will be, I will always be waiting for you and hopefully soon after that, I will stop waiting and find you on my doorstep with a bouquet of sunflowers
But for now my love, all I can do is just wait. You and I will just be friends, we will talk how friends talk and we will do things that friends do.
But just say three fucking simple words, and I’m yours.

I will spend endless hours thinking of you, and maybe you will spend an eternity thinking of me. And that will be our lovestory.

For the past week our poor little Victorian state has been in a fire crisis. There are over a dozen fires burning around the suburbs of Victoria and we as the Australian community have to get behind the cause and give all our love and support to the ones in need.
I watched the news for hours listening to the devastating stories of the people who have lost families, friends, neighbours, pets and homes to the unstoppable fires.
Today I saw heartbreak and heartache, I saw devastation and destruction, I saw sorrow and suffering to the people of Victoria and I saw love and loss to the one who need it most. My heart is with all of you. And I am just hoping that three boys and their families are safe.

I have a crick in my neck and I can not turn or look any other way except forward. I am beginning to hate it.
SYTYCD Australia was fantastic tonight. I don’t have my favourites yet because it’s too early in to the show, but I may have an idea who will bring it home.

So I will send love from me to you. And hopefully you will send your love back.

Nighters for the lovers.

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kurtsbean said...

No matter what, always stick to your beliefs, and do not back down.