Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things are good.

“Don’t fall for someone unless they’re willing to catch you.” – That’s what Beans the poetry princess once said to me, and I am just going to have to take her words.

Yesterday was my day off, watched my boy Jason Mraz on Ellen yesterday morning; he was so amazing, as always. I got my hair done, then watched a night of SYTYCD, I already have my favourites in no particular order: Chanelle, Charles, Danny and Lamb {Perth girl}. I cannot believe that they let Heath go; he was such an amazing and talented dancer. Damn.

Today I went shopping, and then made my way to work. I realise that tomorrow is my last day at work, it so exciting that I will be moving on but also sad because I just got to know the place, oh well life is about moving on and I guess that what I’m doing.
Tonight I will be waiting impatiently for my boys to play and give it their all at the Melbourne fire appeal concert. I am so happy and proud of them, they are putting their music to good use and when this happens, good things can come.

So I’ve been thinking, until I leave for the U.S of A, I am going to put my butt to hard work, it is so exciting I really think that this year and next year are really going to be GREAT. Already amazing things have happened and I am so blessed that things have turned out good for me, but I am also scared because when ever I feel a bit of happiness I am scared that it is going to get ruined. I hope not, because I finally feel that I am getting my life on track.

Check this out, I am addicted. I love it!

Credit pleasefindthis:
Let's pretend we're artists and everything we feel is something new to be proud of. Let's take our imaginary friends on a double date and ditch them in a movie and hope they get along while we kiss outside on the sidewalk. Let's take the dreams you mumbled in your sleep and paint a child's nursery. And if we don't finish today, we've always got tomorrow.



Well I have to go and support my boys.

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kurtsbean said...

I had to find this quote block...

J.D.: Okay, everybody, gather around please?
Dr. Cox: Newbie, I need to talk to you?
J.D.: I'm a little busy right now, Perry!
Dr. Cox: Oh. My fault, I'll come back later.
J.D.: Oh, and another thing, From now on, I'd prefer it if you'd address me as "Dr. Dorian."
Dr. Cox: [sotto] Are you really doing this?
J.D.: [sotto] You bet your ass I am. And from now on, if you have a problem with me, you come see me in private, not in front of my boys! My boys got enough to worry about!
Dr. Cox: [sotto] Wrap it up, there, bingo.
J.D.: I simply will not tolerate it, Perry! And neither will my boys!
Dr. Cox: [sotto] The next minute you find yourself alone, I'm gonna kill ya.
J.D.: [sotto] It was worth it.