Thursday, February 5, 2009


This has been the third night of nightmares; I am getting so sick and tiered of getting scared. I’m over it. I just want to have my sweet dreams again; I used to love catching the train to dreamland, now I don’t even want to go to bed. Let’s see if tonight is going to be different.
Tonight, I am paranoid and confused of everything, most because I am just being me and I don’t think I can be the vulnerable, gullible me at times like these, and I am getting tired of putting on a brave face.

Starting school in two weeks, I am nervous, not scared. I haven’t studied in two years and now I am going back into the classroom where there is a whiteboard in front of me and I will be sitting in the front row, like I always do.
I’m actually excited, not scared, because I wasn’t forced into this, and for once I am doing what I want to do. So I will be starting soon so it’s time for me to go to my local supermarket and go down the isle that I haven’t been down in about two and half years, the stationery isle.


Is this what you call love,
Mr Greenwood?

The feeling that you leave me is unexplainable, every time I see you, think of you or hear you name makes me numb. The sound of your voice makes me want to scream and jump but knowing I have to restrict myself and recoil from everything you do drives me utterly insane.
When I see your smile I am in awe of the things I might and want to say to you, but know I can’t. This line between us is making me feel confused, and to be honest, I wish I didn’t know you very well, so I could have the courage to say what I want to say.
You are the real deal, you are more than anything I have set my eyes on the past, I want you. iI want you to know how I feel, what I want to say, what I want you to say.
I am hoping you feel the same way, I hope you want to say the same things.
I am just hoping, hoping that this can all be undone, one day.
Is this what feel like to have a sad heart?

"fly to the moon
we'll take my rocketship
it's outta sight
oh so outta sight
leave your head
check into this time
check your mind
let your sparkle shine

pass the sun
say goodbye to everyone
we'll fall in love
as we pass the sun
hang from a star
forget just who we are
it's outta sight
oh so outta sight
from the moon
to the stars
to the sun
baby I'm in love"

I remember when I first saw you, at the beach. I remember saying to myself "Oh My Gosh, I think I am crazy for this guy."

Operah likes her dawgs.

I have been sleep deprived for over four days now, I am going insane and I miss my bed and dreamland, dearly.
I had the chance to watch Operah Winfrey today, and today’s issue was dogs and the cruelty that they suffer in today’s society.
I saw cruelty, heartbreak and one man’s compassion, energy and love to save these beautiful creatures and give them a second chance.
I do not know your name, sire for I only caught the show half way, but I just wanted to say, thankyou.

Leg warmers and platforms are the thing to wear.
Thanks Jessica Lousie but where are the slouch socks?

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with the girls about hotels and tours for our trip. so exciting. I'm getting a "G'day from W.A" shirt. how rad.
More News: I will be able to start going back to my dance lessons, hopefully I will not be working Tuesdays, or Thursdays again. YAY.
Also, My best friend, is the shit. She is Australia's number one poetry princess, and yes. She's my best friend.


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kurtsbean said...

If I sprinkled a dozen roses worth of petals amongst your floor, would it make it feel better? Perhaps for awhile; but alas, roses die, and first loves are forever.