Sunday, February 1, 2009

this dork has something to say.

I have had such a couple of weeks and it has been fun.

Last week I didn’t get up to much, just hung out with a few friends at Kings Park in the midnight cold, snuggled in blankets while drinking takeaway coffee, in my case it what hot chocolate. Yum. It was cold – very cold, my feet were numb by the time it was 12, so we went to a little café that’s open on Saturday nights called the greens, I had a nice slice of vanilla cake, and it was heaven.

Last night {Saturday} I visited little Miss Delta SoGoodrem and her man Mr Brian McFadden on tour at Kings Park with my neighbour – who works at a radio station and invited me along coz her friend had a free ticket. The weather was humid and hot, and with a hundred people on the dance floor I felt I could not breath, it was such a nice night to be under the stars though, I also met a girl named that works at Sony BMG records, she was nice and was the one who gave me a free ticket for this lovely event. A big thankyou to both Emilys for a spectacular time.

Today I went to a friend’s kitchen tea party who is getting married in 21 days. I had fun, but although my body was there, my mind wasn’t. I was thinking about three boys that arrived in town late Saturday night and who had a big day doing a big show today, I wanted to be there and cheer them on, I just wish maybe soon we will meet again. I love you boys.

Today also got me thinking, how three amazingly talented boys could inspire someone they hardly know, or someone they don’t even know to an extent that seems impossibly great. I pictured my life today without them, not knowing them, not hearing them and to be honest, it was the most impossible thing I have ever tired doing, I couldn't picture my life without them and not knowing what life would be if they weren't there, it was scary. I don't know if they would ever know what kind of power they hold in my life, and sometimes I wish they did, so they could never leave. It makes me think that if I didn’t have these boys, would my life be any different and if so, would it be for the better? I do not know but I do know this, that every second every hour and every day that I see their face, hear their voices or listen to their music is just a second, an hour and day that is one of the best. Thank you for being there, for being my inspirational muse for everything I have done in life. Thank you for being three little rebels, making a band and getting signed.

So in other news, I have officially booked my round the world ticket. It is exciting and I am honestly hanging on the edge of my seating waiting for the day I board the plane, I am so excited that I have already started packing. Yes, I am indeed a dork.

I also may be starting school soon, not too sure, but hopefully. I also wanted figure out what to do with my life because now I am just getting impatient, but I also realise what ever I do will never fully satisfy me. As a wise man once said – though I do not know who it was “you can have everything, just not all at once” and that is what I am going to do. I am going to have everything, just not all at once.

Also tonight since I was home I watched one of my fave shows: SYTYCD Australia, man the talent is good this year, I wish in a year or two I can be as good as them, though I am a dreamer…..
Anyway wanted to say it was an awesome show and can not wait for Monday and Wednesday nights so I can see Perth talented dancers.

It has been 24 hours since I last slept on my bed; I think it’s time to go back. Tomorrow is a brand new day which is going to be big, because I said so.

Well I better make my way up these stairs and into my lovely dreamland.


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kurtsbean said...

TLE are fucking amazing. AMAZING.