Friday, April 10, 2009

And so the story goes. Somewhere nobody knows

Ok, I officially have the BEST, best friend in the world. Last night, this morning I got a message on my phone from my best friend saying she needed to speak to me about something important. I called her and I can officially say that has been the best phone call I have had. She bought ME a ticket to blues and roots to see my guy JASON MRAZ. I can not believe it. She is so selfless, kind and beautiful and I love her.

So now that I am going to see my Mraz, I am really excited. I can’t wait. Not only I will I get to see Mraz but also Missy Higgins, John Bulter Trio and Ben Kweller and I will also get to see my girl and her man. I can’t wait beans. I love you, I love you and I love you.

My book is doing amazing right now. It’s all muddled up and things are in the wrong places but I really think it’s getting on the right track. I think I am in love with my book.
I haven’t written in it since Wednesday because I have been so busy. But all is good and sooner than soon I will be back in my old ways, my long nights and my early mornings in my book writing. I can’t wait to be not busy.

Speaking of my book, I changed the “plot” a bit. Now it is more personal and comes from the heart. These characters have been through what my best friend and I have been through. This character is more of a reflection of me than a fictional character. She will be talking about “her” life and what she’s been through. I am going to change things here and there but it will be something real and that’s all I want it to be right now. Just real.

Well I got my Twilight DVD from the U.S on Monday so my sister and I decided to host a little Twilight party today and watch the movie. My four of my cousins came over and watched with us. It was so, so good to just watch a good movie and get fat with friends. I loved today. It was so easy and clam which isn’t like most of my days.

This book is tearing me to pieces. It takes me back so many years ago. Some years that I really wish I didn’t waste. But most of all it reminds me of you. I have only known you such a short while but yet, everything in these one and a half years reminds me of you. Sometimes I just want to forget everything, including this book. But most of the time I just want to go ahead and write so I know where I went wrong.

Tell me what I did wrong to not have you in my arms.

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kurtsbean said...

We choose what we see, and we see what we choose to believe. ;]