Sunday, April 12, 2009

What if i could never be replaced. Would you still love me?

Awesome show tonight on SYTYCD, it was absolutely amazing. The top 20 were all there and that means there is only two weeks to go until we find out who will be Australia’s favourite dancer. What an amazing journey.

So it is five days until I see Jason, and I am getting more excited as the days go by. I am hyperventilating every time I think about it. I am just psyched.
Also I will get to see beans too, and that is just unbelievable. I haven’t seen that girl in sooo long. I miss her to bits every day.

So today is Mr Urie’s birthday and I just wanted to wish him the best birthday. And for yesterday I wanted to wish Ms Reed a happy, happy 21st.

Today was a waste of a day. I woke up at 3 and wondered where my day had gone; only to find out I slept it away.

I looked at life today. It didn’t look so good from where I was standing. I don’t like being replaced; I don’t think anyone liked being replaced by something or some other.
I took this personal only because it is personal. You can think what you like, she can be the funniest girl in that room, even the prettiest but in the end, it’s what is missing that counts.
You know when someone leaves my life, I look for something to fill that place in, whether it be music or writing or maybe I just gain a new friend, but the difference with me is, that “friend” will take a new space in my life, not replace an old one.

Also I forgot to tell you, so embarrassing. I was at a 21st two weeks ago and I had a balloon tied to my waist. As I was walking out, I shut the door right behind me forgetting that I still had a balloon tired to be. As I walked forward, I was fully flung back. So embarrassing, almost everyone saw and someone wrote about it in the 21st book that was lying around. I am such a dork.

I didn’t see you, I was so upset. I got so hyped up that maybe I had a chance to see your smile or even your face, but that idea went down the drain. I was heartbroken. I wish you knew how I felt.

I am going to go now, and continue with my book. I have gave this book every breath, every ounce of emotion and every last tear and smile. I know it will be great.
Last night I stayed up to 4.30 writing in my phone of things not to forget that I want to add in my book. My phone has almost no storage left and my fingers are killing me.

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kurtsbean said...

I need to buy you a notebook.

The end.