Monday, April 6, 2009

I will write a song for you in roses.

I don’t know if I am strong enough to get over you now. Now is not the time, I have better things to be thinking about but you seem to slither your way up the list. I have kept everything that reminds me of you. I am silly for doing that, I know I shouldn’t but I kept it and hid it under my bed. I don’t know why, maybe so I feel a bit closer to you or maybe I am still dreaming that one day I can show you the things I kept and you will be flattered.

I was looking at old photos of old times tonight. It is such a shame time flew past us and I didn’t even get to say the things I have wanted to say.
I have realised that you are most of my inspiration behind my book. I don’t care if I come second in your life; I just want to be in it. I would only care if am not close to you. I know being you comes with highs and lows and other priorities and it is fine with me but all I want from you is to say you would love me and that you would never want to hurt me. That is all I want. Money and material things don’t mean jack to me. just give me your word and let me be yours.

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kurtsbean said...

I wish you were here.