Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Mraz.

So many things have happened but no enough time to tell.
This past week was insane,. Saturday I was at the Blues and Roots Festival. What a day! So fun, so amazing.

I saw Ben Kweller for the first time. It was actually a time to remember, I spent that whole day with my best friend and her man. It was so good seeing Ben, he is such a musician, I never realised how good his songs were until I heard him live.

Half way through the day we lined up at the signing tent waiting for Ben. He is such a cutie, my girl Beans was hyperventilating so much that she turned pale and looked like she was about to faint. I took a photo with Ben also. He hugged me and told me that “this” could be our prom photo and then kissed me on the check. So cute. Ha.

When Jason came on I though I was going to faint, I have waited so long for him, he was amazing, pure entertainment and an all round Geek-Genius.
So the day was pretty spectacular but just seeing my Mraz was even better.
Whole day update: Met Ben, sang with Missy Higgins and danced with Jason Mraz. Awesome!

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was my orthodox Easter. Ate so much food it is not funny. Now I feel a bit too big but it is ok because I am busting it on the dance floor and at the gym so I guess it will be all made up.

I haven’t been to Dance in two weeks, such a shame. I actually saw my buddy for Dance tonight and told me the class is pretty empty without me that says a lot, doesn’t it?

So better go, I have to wake up early tomorrow and meet up with my three girls so we can chat laugh and be girly.

My book is going well. No where near being finished but it's on its way.

I’ll have to put a longer update soon, but this is just for now. My girl Keltie Colleen started her new show called Peepshow in Vegas on Saturday. So cool, cant wait to see her in Vegas.

Live laugh love.

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