Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm booked out until 1021.

So my book is kind of on a pause right now. I still have to get some stuff sorted before I continue. It has been a big weekend for me and I miss sleep very much.

Thursday night I went out for late night ice cream with my sister and our friend who is a photographer. We were talking and she asked me and my sis to be models for her upcoming shoot. I can not wait, it will be in a couple of weeks but I will keep you posted.
Friday night went to a club with some friends; it was really good just to hang out and catch up with all of them. We were around 9 of us just drinking, dancing and having fun. I loved being around my friends.
Last night I went belly dancing for a Hens’ night. Oh my gosh, can you spell workout? I seriously worked it up on the dance floor. It was so fun.

This week at dance was so hard, I think most of all because I was sick, I had a stuffy nose, my head was pounding and the throat was so dry. I actually like the slow part of the routine because I couldn’t breathe so it gave me a chance to actually catch my breath. I can’t wait till next week.
Big things are happening in Kikki land, and I am so excited. I have so many things to look forward to and this has been the first year I am really happy of what I have accomplished already.

YOU. You make my heart flutter in all different directions, you make it jump up in my throat and it throbs so hard it gives me headaches.
You are who I write this for and who I write this book to. You are the reason I write because then maybe one day you will know how I feel and it will all make sense to you. Then maybe you will know why I act the way I do when I am around you.
I am hoping it will all make sense, someday.

I just got an email from an overseas friend who was here a couple of months ago for a holiday. It’s been a while since I spoke to him but glad to hear he is doing ok back in his home town.

Well I am going to get some light reading and some serious sleeping done for the rest of the night.

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