Saturday, April 25, 2009

Honestly. Evolve.

I though it was time for a change. I am always changing; I’d like to think for the better and I thought it was time to change the things around me. I threw and gave away some of my dearly loved clothes and gave my blog a make over.
I am on a journey of enlightenment and I am evolving to be a better person, a person who lives in a place of love, hope and happiness. I’d like to think that not only am I evolving myself but I also have an impact on other people to evolve for the better as well. Let’s be each other’s inspiration, let’s laugh, live and love.

Tonight I hung with my girl Alex and then ate dinner. It’s been such a busy week. I took my dresses in so they can fix them up and I will be picking them up on Tuesday. I have a kitchen tea tomorrow and I have no idea what I am going to wear, it seems that is my biggest decision right now.

Last night I spent the night at my brothers’ house with my sister. I woke up this morning with my puppy waiting for me outside the door; it was such a good start to the morning. I have made a list of things I want to do this year, some things are for myself but most things are to improve friendships, relationships and ownerships. I wrote that I want to spend more time with my puppy. I know I have been bad and not spent time with my much adored pup but time has got a hold of me lately, hopefully very soon things will change and I will be back to spending some time with him and a Frisbee.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think or how to feel right now. I really don’t care if you have someone or not. Maybe she is deserving of your love, who ever she is.
I honestly don’t know why I set my eyes on you, you weren’t the hottest guy in the room, nor were you the funniest but something that night attracted me to you that night and sometimes I wonder why? Maybe you were just a rare find and I was the fool who found you.
It is just a waste of time, for me personally I think there are better things I could be doing with my time instead of sitting here listening to your record and thinking of you.

Tomorrow night is grand final night. I am so excited and cannot wait to see who will win. I am aslo sad that it is the last episode of SYTYCD Australia until next year. oh well, I think I'll just have to watch SYTYCD USA to keep me company until then.

My book is going really good. I have added a person touch but also a bit of fiction. These characters are in my life, they are the people who I surround my life with and who I spend time with, these characters are my dear friends. I have had so much fun writing about what I have been up to in my book, it’s like a journal or a blog and I love writing. Hopefully it will be on shelves in the next couple of years. I am putting all my emotions, heartbreak and happiness into this book and I hope that you feel it.

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